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An Overview of Pre-IPO Placement

Pre-IPO Placement: What Is It?

Pre-IPO (pre-initial public offering) placement can be described as a privately-run sale of large or small blocks containing units or shares. The sales happen before stocks are listed on public exchanges. Buyers tend to be hedge funds, private equity firms, and similar institutions that are willing to purchase significant stakes in a firm. More often than not, these types of shares are sold in a relatively small capacity in secondary markets to various local traders. That’s what Sapporo Capital Investment Group’s trading strategy is all about.

Because of the risks that are involved with large-size investments, buyers that have pre-IPO placement typically receive a discount of some sort from the IPO prospective rate stated.

Pre-IPO Placement Overview

From the perspective of a new company, pre-IPO placements serve as an approach to raising money before the business goes public. This can offset any risk of an IPO’s price going down right after it has opened, creating a sense of optimism in the process.

  • Pre-IPO placements are essentially sales of fairly large stock blocks for a company ahead of it being listed on public exchanges (for instance, the NYSE or NASDAQ).
  • The buyer will get discounted shares based on the price of the IPO.
  • As far as the company is concerned, the placement service is a method of raising funds and finding new investors. It also offsets any risk of the IPO failing to reach success as planned.
  • From the perspective of the buyer, the amount for each share might be heavily discounted from whatever the expected price was. There is a caveat involved with a pre-IPO market, though, and that involves the proposition of stock options being unavailable.
  • Not too many single investors are willing to engage in a pre-IPO placement. They are typically limited to clients and hedge funds. Such individuals have a net worth that is fairly high, along with a comprehensive understanding of financial markets.

This company doesn’t want private purchasers to sell their shares immediately once the stock soars after opening on the exchange. In order to stop this from happening, lock-up periods will be attached to each placement, which stops short-term sales of shares.

Mission Statement

The needs of our clients are always prioritized. We adhere to all ethical principles, laws, and rules that govern and dictate international commercial practices. Our ongoing success is contingent on unwavering compliance with these standards. Our objective is to get the best returns we can for each client’s investment portfolio. Profitability happens to be paramount to accomplishing superior returns, expanding portfolio diversification, and establishing capital. Our company is proud of the ethical and professional responsibility that we have with each investor. We endeavor to achieve nothing short of excellence with uncompromising determination for each equity investment that we take on when representing a client.

Business Conduct Code

The business conduct code that we have is on par with our ethics, both of which embody our dedication to conducting business as per the highest of ethical standards. Everything we do is in full compliance with every regulation, law, and rule associated with this sector. The clearinghouse and transfer agent involved with your transactions will be doing everything by the book.

Disclosures and Transparency

As per our policy, information that is part of the public communications we have (which includes business SEC filings, as well as pending lodgments covering public platform trading) will always be understandable, timely, accurate, and fair. All corporate partners and employees involved with the disclosure process will act in such a way that is consistent with our policy.