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Financial Strategic Management Services

Sapporo Financial Management

Sapporo Capital Investment Group’s financial strategy management services are customized for investors who want to engage in portfolio activity, but would rather do so with proactive guidance. Such people tend to need assistance with ongoing diversified portfolio monitoring.

The fiduciary interest of our clients will always be a priority for us. We are always in full compliance with all ethical principles and regulatory laws governing international and domestic trading practices. The success that we continue to achieve revolves around this standard, which is always unwavering and unswerving.

We pride ourselves on ethical and professional decorum when representing shareholders. The determination we have to accomplish excellence in every transaction we take on is unparalleled, no matter which trading platform is used. This is the promise Sapporo Capital Investment Group makes to our clients.

A financial strategist can offer market analyses for clients that have uncertainties about assets and opportunities they’ve identified, whether that entails:

  • Secondary market and live trading investment opportunities, which can be astutely identified by an investment manager.
  • Stipulations added by clients. For instance, banning investments in industries that don’t support a specific moral foundation, as well as ones that they believe are unethical (tobacco, munitions, armaments, etc.).
  • Isolating the risk management of certain objectives.

Our financial strategists can go over any potential investment propositions that a client is interested in.


Sapporo Capital Investment Group’s bespoke discretionary services for investment management is beneficial for anyone who enjoys receiving updated analytics. Such statistics are ideal for swing trades, day trades, and long-term trades – particularly for an investor that doesn’t have the skills or knowledge required to regulate their portfolios effectively.

We can customize our comprehensive services to accommodate your specific requirements. Portfolios can be created with ongoing redemptions – for example, providing supplementary income or paying property mortgages. They are put together using a higher risk profile for the sake of accomplishing advanced capital appreciation levels whenever they are needed.

Each investment will be controlled by a financial strategist qualified to make various investment decisions for clients. Financial strategists adhere to the objectives of their clients. Protocols for risk adversity can include certain stipulations – for instance, stating that investments cannot be made for industries deemed unethical (tobacco, munitions, armaments, and the like).

There is a small amount of downtime when it comes to processing, specifically between the time an investment decision is made, and when the execution of that investment is followed through on (as per recommendations from an advisory service).

Each client will have unrestricted and unfettered access to portfolio and investment managers capable of answering inquiries or explaining issues.

Paperwork about equities and similar assets that are part of client portfolios will be kept in a private nominee account, which minimizes loss risks.

Mission Statement

The needs of our clients are always prioritized. We adhere to all ethical principles, laws, and rules that govern and dictate international commercial practices. Our ongoing success is contingent on unwavering compliance with these standards. Our objective is to get the best returns we can for each client’s investment portfolio. Profitability happens to be paramount to accomplishing superior returns, expanding portfolio diversification, and establishing capital. Our company is proud of the ethical and professional responsibility that we have with each investor. We endeavor to achieve nothing short of excellence with uncompromising determination for each equity investment that we take on when representing a client.

Business Conduct Code

The business conduct code that we have is on par with our ethics, both of which embody our dedication to conducting business as per the highest of ethical standards. Everything we do is in full compliance with every regulation, law, and rule associated with this sector. The clearinghouse and transfer agent involved with your transactions will be doing everything by the book.

Disclosures and Transparency

As per our policy, information that is part of the public communications we have (which includes business SEC filings, as well as pending lodgments covering public platform trading) will always be understandable, timely, accurate, and fair. All corporate partners and employees involved with the disclosure process will act in such a way that is consistent with our policy.